Select a Contractor

  • License Does the contractor hold an appropriate license in good standing? You can check on the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) website.
  • Experience How many PV installations has the contractor done, and over how many years? How are crew and staff trained, and how experienced are they?
  • Local Commitment Where is the business located, and where are staff based? How does the business contribute and give back to the community?
  • Legal and Ethical Compliance Does the contractor pay all local, state and federal taxes and fees, Workers Compensation, and Unemployment benefits? Does the contractor provide health coverage and a safe, non-discriminatory workplace? Have there been legal suits from customers or staff?
  • References Will the contractor provide informative references from a diverse selection of customers, citing satisfaction with the quality of work and service?
  • Panels and Equipment What brands are offered? Where are they made? What is the warranty against defects and guaranteed output on panels, and for how many years?
  • Performance-based design and tracking How were performance criteria included in the design, and how is PV production monitored?
  • Permits and paperwork Is the contractor responsible for all permits and documentation, and is there extra cost for this service?
  • Warranty What type of warranty is there on panels, inverter, labor, and performance? What is the response time for a warranty call?


Organizations * Sonoma Green Business Program is a free service established by the Sonoma County Economic Development Board to recognize small- to medium-sized businesses (including Solar Works!) for their efforts to protect, preserve and sustain our environment.