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About Us

Solar Works is a full-service, licensed solar contractor, providing high quality solar systems for home, business and community. We offer expert in-house design and installation, extraordinary customer service, and the best warranty service in the solar industry. We have been in business since 1986 and are a certified B Corporation.

Our Philosophy

Solar Works gives people the power to make a difference. As Sonoma County’s longest-established solar provider, Solar Works helps homeowners, businesses and communities become more self-reliant by meeting their energy needs efficiently, effectively and in ways that are good for the planet. We are a local employer, active in our community, and dedicated to social and economic justice and a healthy environment.

Our History

John Parry, CEO and owner, built Solar Works from a one-person solar hot water business to a company that offers a full spectrum of renewable energy and resource conserving services. In business since 1986, Solar Works has installed more solar systems in Sonoma County than any other local installer. Learn more about John Parry’s journey to solar success.

Our Mission

We provide energy efficient solutions that conserve natural resources
and promote individual and community self-reliance.