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Save Energy
Solar Electricity is energy efficient, reducing the need to send electricity long distances over transmission lines. No need to generate power from afar or rely on a power plant.
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Save Money
California State Rebates and Federal Tax Incentives make solar electricity an affordable and secure long-term investment.
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Save Our Planet
Harnessing the clean and abundant power of the sun helps you contribute to the health of our planet with an alternative to fossil fuels and environment-damaging greenhouse gases.
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Sonoma County's #1 Local Choice Since 1986

Solar Works has installed more Sonoma County solar systems than any other local company. We are a local employer actively involved in our community, working for a healthy economy and environment. Learn more...

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We provide energy efficient solutions that conserve natural resources and promote individual and community self-reliance.
Solar Electric Design and Installation for Sonoma, Napa, Lake, Mendocino and Marin Counties.
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